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Skills to learn during quarantine-What to do in lockdown ? Do Everything You’ve Always Wanted To: Master Your Body, Free Online Courses, Audio Books,Learn New Language, eBooks, Movies, DIYs & More

Top Skills to learn during quarantine.


Few days ago; When i was watching the TV. The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi; Said something which i led to write this article. He said that this global pandemic corona-virus brought an opportunity for us to make Our-self better.


Skills to learn during quarantine

I was curiously looking at him; he further said that ADVERSITY BRINGS OPPORTUNITY. Adversity represents an opportunity to rediscover yourself. Try top skills to learn during quarantine.


One day you might have thought that i should have know this, i should have do this. You could do so many things during lockdown.


Use Your Time in Lockdown to Do Everything You’ve Always Wanted To:

Master Your Body, Free Online Courses, Audio Books,

Learn a New Language, eBooks, Movies,

DIYs & More.

Just think that what you want more to make you better than yesterday. It is just your willpower. it is just you. You are the only person that going to make changes in your life.


Now think about resources. The resources are also available. Use internet as one of the big resource. You can get so many information, knowledge through internet.


Now don’t think that what to do in lockdown. You can try these ideas during lockdown.

Master Your Body

You and i both knows that; if we have to enjoy quality of life then we must EXERCISE. Sometimes we hated every minute of training or exercise but don't quite. Suffer now for better health. Don't stop. You might not have time for yourself earlier but now you have time.  Master your Body. 

Skills to learn during quarantine

Remember that you won't always love the workout. But you will always love the results. 

Now question is that how to set a plan for fitness?

What should be workout strategy? Initially understand your body structure and set a goal.

I am personally following free apps as fitness trainer. There are so many good apps available; You should go for trial. You will definitely get enjoyed. You won' have to go to gym.


You can try any free APP.

Free Online Courses

Now; MASTER YOUR MIND. The second idea that came in my mind. Join free online courses. As we tend to move towards entertainment one choice is to join free online courses. 

It will add an extra skill to your profile. So many online sources are available. Join good one.


Audio Books

I like to listen stories, stories of adventure. It reminds me my childhood. In free time of isolation entertain yourself by listening audio books. 

Skills to learn during quarantine

Choose audio books of your like and listen. Yes, you can do it for learning purpose.


Learn New Language

How good it will be if i try to learn a new language! It fascinate me. Speaking in different- different language add something special to our character. When i think about my profile. I tries to add some skills.  

Skills to learn during quarantine

Learning a new language is a must do thought. We get to know about culture when we learn a new language.


Here you can find free learn a new language.



I like reading books. If you also interested in reading books. Just go for ebooks. You can go for comics or any other books like stories, e-commerce, current affairs, strategies, courses, technologies and more.

Skills to learn during quarantine

Ebooks are available online in huge number.



Whenever i thing about entertainment; watching movies comes in my mind. During isolation you cant go to cinema hall. Thats right. Then we can watch movies online. You can watch it on TV. You can watch it with your loving ones. 

You can enjoy it with your family. It will be very good idea.


Making some type of list of movies to watch movies will add curiosity. Will add some extra flavor to your enjoyment.


DIY ( do-it-yourself )

Learn DIY. Use Pinterest to learn them. Use internet. Decorate your home or repairs it in different way rather than paying someone else to do for you. You can do paper DIY, raw material DIY, recycling DIY.


Skills to learn during quarantine

Can't you do something Creative? It is not possible that you don't have any amazing idea. Yes you do have; Just implement it and enjoy.


Skills to learn during quarantine

I prefer learning DIY from Pinterest . Do what you love. Do a small project. Don't afraid to fail. Use your time for Funny things to do when bored at home. Just enjoy with your loving ones.



Learn to cook different recipe

Cooking is an ART. Cooking is like love. No one is born a great cook, you have to learn it. It is skills to learn during quarantine.

Skills to learn during quarantine

What the cooking is all about; creating something delicious for someone else. If you love to cook try different recipes.




Drawing and Coloring a picture make your mood refresh. Try to learn skills as sketching, pencil shading etc.


Skills to learn during quarantine

Learn to play instrument

How amazing it will be if you invest your time to learn such kind of stuff. Learn to play different instrument you love to play.  Like piano, harmonium, flute etc. I prefer this Skills to learn during quarantine.


Skills to learn during quarantine

So finally i think these are few good things you can do during isolation. You can also do so many other things like playing unblocked games. Please share your and my thoughts!!

Put list of Skills to learn during quarantine in Comment.



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