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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Kadakh Movie in Hindi Leaked by TR: Kadakh New Movie Free Download in Tamil | Kadakh Movie Full Review

Kadakh: New movie free download in Tamil rockers website.

New Movie Free Download in Tamil

Kadakh Movie full Review: Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, Mansi Multani one of the best web original drama film.

I think a query must be in your mind why the movie name is Kadakh and what you can get from it. You are welcome to put a comment; does the name of movie Kadakh suits to it? 


Rating: 7.2/10 Star (IMDB)

Cast: Ranvir Shorey, Mansi Multani, Kalki Koechlin, Director: Rajat Kapoor

Available On: SonyLIV, IMDB

Language: Hindi

Duration: 95 min

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Kadakh story:

Sunil (Ranvir Shorey )and Malti (Mansi Multani) both are hosting a Diwali party and suddenly a person rings the doorbell.

An uninvited person comes to meet with Sunil; actually he is the husband of Malti.  Malti having marital affair with Sunil.


Kadakh New Movie Free Download in Tamil

When her husband met Sunil ask some strange questions.

This is the only beginning after that movie turns the shape. 

Some strange secrets turns the night of light into the night of darkness.


Where to download Kadakh full movie in Hindi?

Kadakh New movie free download in Tamil rockers website.

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For now be with me to find out how the Kadakh movie is going to be?

Kadakh New Movie Free Download in Tamil


Kadakh Movie Full Review:

The start of movie is so compelling that it attract you to watch the full movie. It all about the series of drama in a Night house party. Where a dead body is also present.


This movie is about 95 minute which keeps you on your seat. Characters are so good. Each character brings something different and unique test to the Kadakh.  Dark humor and good pace of movie are positive things.


Screenplay clearly highlights the human emotions. Technically film is good and absolutely worth to watch.

Kadakh movie revolves around Sunil. Sunil has an extra marital affair with Malti. The trailer of movie is quite good and highlights that movie is comedy drama and bit of suspense.


You can guess what kind of movie it would be after you saw the trailer.


The film starts with Sunil arranging the Diwali party. When he meet with a stranger person who like to talk with Sunil. He talks with Sunil and let off.


After that Sunil gets a dead body and blood spattered all over the living room. The party night, the night of Enjoyment turns into night of fear and darkness. Sunil and Malti tries to hide the truth and wrap up the evening party.


Kadakh New Movie Free Download in Tamil

Initially Kadakh remind me a comedy film of Kevin hart and Adam santler around 2000s. After the initial part the Movie loses its comedy taste and turns into some dramatic situations. The fear of dead body in party brings some Comedy moments but the movie gives some emotional touch.


You might think that the party would have end quickly but this is not the case. Party runs for a very long time and though the guest comes close to the dead body; how Sunil and Malti manages the situation is like to see. The do not Get bother for a moment.


The film is about how our karma follows us. The movie character are interesting. The script is so good keeps you engage. Most of time you think that what will happen now? Kadakh makes you curious.


The movie has single line story. Starts with comedy and turns to thrill. Initially you can't judge the genre of movie. In between it takes dramatic move.





No doubt the best part of movie is its climax. It is so interesting! But Kadakh takes all the time around 90 minute to this wonderful and entertaining end!


One thing you will definitely say it is a rare film which changes its dramatic genre to thriller. The dark comedy movie puts lights on some social issue. Ranvir shouri absolute did the judgment with his work! He never let you seat comfortably. Some movie scenes are so good to highlight human emotions.



You will love to watch the movie.


Kadakh Is Available To Stream on SonyLIV

Kadakh is Available to IMDB.


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Kadakh New Movie Free Download in Tamil

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