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'Crash Landing on You' Star Son Ye-Jin Ready to Make Hollywood Debut in Andrew Niccol’s 'The Cross'

After the great success of ' Crash Landing On you', South Korean actress Son-yen-jin is reported to make her Hollywood debut in Andrew Niccols The Cross next year.

Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye Jin Hollywood Debut

This news was confirmed when she got nominated for the Best actress award at the 56th Baeksang arts awards in June. She got nomination for the lead role in 'Crash landing on you'.

It is confirmed that she is going to appear in the upcoming movie "the cross" opposite to the Australian actor Sam Worthington, who is known very well for his acting in best Hollywood movies like "Avatar", "Clash of Titans" film series.

Star News confirmed that Andrew Niccol became much interested to film movie in Korea and love to work with cross border actors, Korean actors by the influence of country's visit.


Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye Jin Hollywood Debut

This is also in consideration that due to the Koreas current situation in world might have put some impact on Andrew's thoughts.


It is also reported that Andrew Niccol have personally reached out to beautiful son ye Jin to sign her for the Hollywood film the cross.

Talking about the film "the cross"; reported to start filming in Korea in March next year (2021).  The story line is expected as it is the movie about cross border situation between two countries.


"The cross" Hollywood film: is the story of people caught in between two nations where one is wealthy and other one is not.


Son yen Jin will play the role of a tough lady "Vera" living near border. Vera is widow; her husband died in attempt to cross border left Vera as a single mother with her son.


Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye Jin Hollywood Debut

Sam, on other side; who lives in rich part of the nation. The cross is the story of Vera and Sam; how they meet and much more.

Now it is confirmed that Son Ye-jin, a South Korean actress is going to make Hollywood debut. She is well known for the romance-themed films and television series such as "The Classic", "Summer Scent", "A Moment to Remember", "April Snow" and no doubt "crash Landing on you".


Apart from Hollywood debut lets talk something about son ye Jin.


Son Ye-jin born on January 11, 1982 is a South Korean actress.  People know her for lead acts in romance dramas like something in the rain and crash landing on you.

Most of the time it is being asked; Is Son Ye Jin married? Rumors are that she got married but despite of such rumors she is yet to marry. 


Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye Jin Hollywood Debut

Also her dating life is secret that she do not love to share her personal life.


Recently she talked in interview that she is not willing to waste her time in dating due to demanding career. Although hyun bin and son ye Jin dating rumors are around.

Dating of son ye Jin and Jung hae in latest news rumors. Talking about former co-actor hyun bin; a query in mind plays: Are Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin dating?


Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye Jin Hollywood Debut

Actor Hyun Bin publically said that he was dating with, actress Song Hye Kyo and Kang So Ra, and both times.


Quite different thing is that Son Ye Jin, on the other hand, never publicly confirmed it.


People still remember her acting brilliance in Crash Landing on You. I personally thinks about crash landing on you ending theory.


The countries on going tension causes se-ri and captain RI away from each other. They do not have any means of communication.

Situation is like that in own country however they cannot be together; the crash landing on you ending is happy as well as sad. In crash landing on you last scene they have their happy living in Switzerland.


Most fans get disappointed by crash landing on you ending.

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